Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, June 12

Meghan/IRF run down the top fellas for Western States. I agree with her nearly 100%, especially her comments about Jim. I’ll also be keeping a keen eye on Kris, Jared, and Kyle, but yeah, a Francoic/Jim duel would be pretty incredible.

Sarah writes a great piece on the iconic Scotty Mills. Be sure to tune in to our interview with him right here too.

Duuuuuude. Really? You spray painted your prom proposal on a national monument?

Science: Your gait could be causing your injuries. Interesting that these recent findings focus not on the downward force, but on the horizontal. I’m reading that right, right?

The Coconino Cowboys were on Ginger Runner Live last night. Haven’t watched it…good stuff?

I’ve watched the NCAA women’s 4×400 probably 20 times, but what the hell, here it is for more jaw dropping inspiration. Bravo to those ladies and to whatever coach helped get them to that point.

Jamil tries out an altitude tent on The Steep Life.

One of my favorite runners on the scene: Coree Woltering gives a quick Q&A with sponsor rabbit. And yes, I’m dying to know what Speedo he’ll be wearing.

UCI puts the kibosh on cyclists lubing up before a race. 

Here’s a bunch of running hats, but the publication failed to account for an under-represented segment…those of us with ginormous noggins. This hat company has been making hats for me for years (NFI and I’ve paid for everything myself) and they fit those of us who measure not just big around, but in “height” as well. Customer service is top notch.

Awful: Japanese marathoner put on severe dietary restriction by her coach tells of stealing candy from a market and “always being hungry and thirsty.”

More on diet and disordered eating in Mario’s Morning Shakeout. 

Sage offers some tips and stretches to help with core strength and stride.

Way above my pay grade: CTS Coach Corrine Malcolm writes about training with heart rate variability.


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