Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, March 20

Yes, it’s OK to take some time off of trail running and ultramarathon training. You’re going to be fine and it’s good for you.

The US Trail Running Team is looking pretty awesome. Good mix of established names and a few people I’ll have to become more familiar with.

Will Eoin Keith be the first Irishman to finish Barkley?

Why I prefer running to triathlon or cycling: A $20k bike designed by Lamborghini. Yeah, it’s cool, but I like a more level playing field.

Personal: I’m going on three months of no alcohol and doing fine. Haven’t lost the weight I was expecting (maybe 3lbs?), but I feel great and really don’t miss it. Now I need to figure out what to do with all my craft beer.

You’re an elite athlete who gets an apparel sponsorship with a company who makes shirts, shorts, and jackets. What does that mean for socks? Or hats? Do you have to wear them when you’re volunteering at a race? More on how exclusivity contracts work right this way.

Wearing something out gives you a feeling that you’re doing something right. A garage full of gear doesn’t necessarily mean you do anything besides buy gear, but a garage (or closet) full of beat-up stuff means you’re using it, that the dream you had when you acquired that piece of gear was fulfilled in some way. And going through all that dirty, dinged-up, worn-through stuff can be as gratifying as looking through all your old photos of your adventures.

–Brendan writes about the joys of wearing out a piece of gear. (We had him on yesterday and will release episode soon.)

Speaking of gear, when Ben says a GPS watch is “the best (he’s) ever used, period”, I’m inclined to read more. Here’s his latest review of the Garmin Forerunner 935.

Strap on your diaper and come along for the ride: Speedriding through the French Alps.

I’ve always had a problem with my lower back both during runs and post-run. Here’s a new post on CTS about what we/I can do to fix it.

BUFFs: They’re not just for sweat.

Releasing a new interview today with ultramarathon icon Scotty Mills and one with David Rosales the singer/songwriter who’s ode to trail running you’ll be hearing from now on as URP’s intro track.

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