Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Oct 29

Earlier this year we interviewed Guillaume Arthus about a whole series of alternative MUT events around the world. During our talk, he mentioned that he’d be attempting an epic 2600km FKT from Slovenia, across the freaking Alps to Monaco. He just finished in 44:xx days and I’m sure has some incredible stories (and videos!) to share.

Here’s a syllabus from a Lehigh University course on ultrarunning from the 90s. Sounds like the course is still offered. Anyone have info?

Beer: The most popular pumpkin beers in each state. I’ve never even heard of the California beer.

Reuters: Google/Alphabet makes bid to buy FitBit. Get ready for an entire new set of targeted ads.

LetsRun: The message boards attempt to understand Camille’s recent 24hr record. Redeeming factor: A better understanding of how “alternates” score for a team event.

TrailRunner/Roche: Does music help you run? Good article that doesn’t take sides. Personally, I always run with music/podcasts, but use Aftershokz and can hear the outside world. You?

Amelia Boone writes about her experience at Big’s Backyard Ultra, her first hundred miler, and a timely and true text from a good friend.

Two climbers attempt Chukima Go in Nepal and one of them dies. Problem: They made the trek without permits. Now they’re banned from climbing in the country for five years, a sentence that’s a lot lighter than many expected.

Mountain Outhouse: JamJam and crew run down all the big stories from this past week.

Backpacker: Planning on hiking or running the PCT next year? Big permitting changes may affect your travel.

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