Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Wed, Feb 8

How do you train on a treadmill and earn a Golden Ticket to Western? Read this.

You’ve heard me talk about Under Armour’s move into the MUT space over the past year or so. Well, I finally got a sample pair of their latest trail shoes and handed them off to Ben Z for him to review.  He writes thorough, knowledgeable, and honest reviews and you can find what he thinks about the Horizon RTT right here.  Liza is trying out a pair and will give her opinion form the women’s perspective.

Another example of why trail running events (ultra, xc) are a better choice for Olympic events rather than those that require infrastructure.

Speaking of reviews, I’m looking for someone with chronic PF to review a product for me.  If interested, Email me here. Thanks!

Paul is still throwing up and he began to worry that the black color of the vomit was serious. Maybe even blood. I give him a couple tums hoping it will settle his stomach. … I dig the rest out and gladly give him half of what I have left. We finally reach the top of  Wakumup hill.

–Ahhh, Arrowhead 135.  It really does sound lovely, doesn’t it?

Read this article about a pro cyclist and his views on Tramadol and how it’s been used in his sport. PED, absolutely. On the WADA list? Nope.

I saw a mockup of the rabbit women’s shirt yesterday…awesome!  Preorders will start early next week for the ladies, with men’s coming maybe a week later.

Looking for an food source for long runs that doesn’t include a bunch of sugars?  S-Fuels may be right for you. Check them out here.

I’m giving away a race/hydration pack on Patreon today.  Forty eight people are eligible for it…pretty good odds!

If there’s one thing I know about being pregnant, it’s that everyone’s got an opinion!  Here’s a podcast (not mine) about how much women could/should run while carrying a child.  I haven’t listened to it (or still any other.)

I’m thrilled about this: Brewers moving away from 22s back to 12 oz beers.  I like tasting beers, and opening a 22oz 10% beer is too much of a commitment for me.

Check out our latest interview with Golden Ticket winner Emily Harrison.  We talk about food allergies, using a bad race as training, an upcoming wedding, and what she’s had to do to pull fiancee Ian Torrence out of a funk.

ultramarathonThat episode is sponsored by the North Face Endurance Challenge in Massachusettes.  I’m sure I screwed up the pronunciation of the names in the podcast, but the terrain and pics look awesome. June 10-11 of this year…sign up now with URP15 in the discount box for a registration discount.  Thanks!

…And question…when I look at the page on my desktop, the pic of she and her mom is fine. On my mobile, it’s upside down. Any WP wizards want to explain why there’s a gremlin in my system?

No ultramarathon content whatsoever, but an interesting article on how icebreakers work.

We’ve got spouses (Roches, Tollefsons, Rusiecki), siblings (Puzeys), but are there any fast twins in the MUT world?  Here’s one set.

Update: Thanks for all the questions and comments about my knee. This will be day two with my leg up and iced ALL FREAKING DAY, per my doc.  Any lateral movement is painful, and I’m having to sleep flat on my back because if my knee torques, it hurts like hell.  This is such a bummer…I really was optimistic post-surgery that it was good.  Now I’m not so sure about anything.

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