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Trailrunner: What’s the connection between running and playing music?

Courtney Dauwalter and Adam Peterman named North American UROYs of 2022.

Camille Herron and Jim Walmsley named #2 UROY for 2022. My hot takes: Camille is an incredible athlete and has a record better than any female out there in her niche. She’s also a really cool person off line (though I haven’t talked to her in years) and does a lot of good for the sport. However, it’s also no secret that she’s struggled with presenting herself in the best way and has come across as overly boastful to many and I think it’s for those reasons that the UROY voting pool struggles with naming her to the top spot.
As for Jim, to me it’s clear. He lives overseas and didn’t race in the US in 2022 and I’m assuming the voting pool (including this guy) didn’t feel very connected to him last year. In my opinion, it didn’t make sense to name him to the North American UROY when he neither lives nor races in the prescribed region.

Last bit about UROY: Does anyone know (feel free to PM me) if athletes are bonused by their sponsors for winning the top spot? Curious.

Speaking of Courtney, check out Derrick Lytle’s latest video of Bandera, where Ms Dauwalter crushed the course record and marked off the first sub 9 for a female.

Does cycling (or, ahem, running) have an drinking problem?

Celebrity ads in sports are usually pretty cringey, but this is done pretty well. C’est chaud.

Moreover, athletics is often understood as an activity as opposed to academics: One treats the body; the other treats the mind. But this is not strictly true. Learning is meant to be active and embodied — it is supposed to transform the way we live and move in the world. And athletics both shapes and is shaped by the excellences and deficiencies of our minds. In both academics and athletics, body and mind are involved. And, in both academics and athletics, we have the potential to shape our bodies and minds for good and for ill.

More brilliant writing from Sabrina Little in iRunFar.

After last week, I’m not sure who’d I’d rather not be doing PR for, UTMB/Ironman or Strava.
Re the latter: Here’s DCRainmaker’s piece on Strava. Here’s Trailrunner Mag’s opinion and here’s Kevin Beck’s take on Strava and other issues.

As I write this, Damian Hall has taken the lead at the Montane Spine Race in the UK. Claire Bannwarth (a new name to me but with plenty of accolades) is leading the women and 5th overall. Katie Holmes is doing a great job of tracking and commenting on the women’s race on her Twitter feed.

Science: Interesting article about the biomechanics of how we walk as humans.

Five women who changed the sport of running. Would you make any changes or additions?

Maybe not on the list above, but Helen Klein is one of my running heroes and inspirations and her eponymous race was also the site of my first 50 miler! Helen turned her 100 last month(!) and here’s a quick news piece on her.

Unless there’s an exception granted, looks like Western States won’t have a permit for this year due to Forestry regulations after the Mosquito Fire and subsequent storms. Ru-oh.

A female Olympic Russian shot-putter got popped for doping? I, for one, am shocked. Shocked!

Are your runs usually good or are there occasional GI emergencies, badger attacks, or weather issues? Here’s your very own comment card.

Looking to prevent rickiteness and increase your mobility? Sundrunkruns has a new video with simple routines to help you out.

From this quick review/excerpt from Lauren Fleshman’s new book, she’s either scared to publicly follow through with her logic re the trans athlete debate, or she’s simply too blinded by wokeness to think clearly.

Sometimes the “ultra runners are crazy” thing is spot on.

The storms in Sacramento have finally stopped! Well that was crazy. Most of the trails that I normally run on are underwater, so I’m trying to get my road legs back until everything dries out. But hey, that glass looks half full so I’ll be paddling the American River tomorrow and can’t freakin’ wait. If you’ve never white/rough water SUPed before, it’s similar to running full speed down a muddy hill with no way to stop and is a RUSH.


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