Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Wed, March 21

Check out Cole Watson’s report from his Chuckanut win. Self-aware and reflective…I’m guessing we’ll be seeing Cole at the top of more leaderboards.

Do you go trail running with your pooch? Here’s how to keep them safe, fit, and happy.

Fast guys and gals are fun to listen to, but if you are really looking for wisdom, lessons, and an overall understanding of this silly sport, check out our latest interview with ultramarathon icon and SD100 RD Scotty Mills.

And yes, I used new intro music. What do you think? I hope you all listen to the song and check out David Rosales’ other tunes. Here’s the first video I know of that prominently features a UD hydration pack.

If a race is cancelled due to inclement weather, do you expect a refund? Step further: Do you expect your race shirt and a medal?

Want to run with Sarah Lavender Smith high up in the San Juans this summer? Check out the Four Day San Juan Running Camp right this way.

Add this to the list of reasons I prefer long, isolated trail runs: Silence is good for our brains.  Those in the PNW, this trail in the Olympic National Forest is apparently the quietest place in the country.

Six tips on trail running from an Indian newspaper (LINK FIXED). All good, except for the last one. Ever heard of Hokas?

Short news day. What did I miss?

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