Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Wed, Sep 1

Treeline Journal: Chase previews the mens and womens fields for this weekend’s Lake Sonoma 50. If that women’s field comes together, it’ll be a scorcher! To note, Lake Sonoma is no longer a Golden Ticket race for Western States. Unfortunately this’ll be the first year I’ve missed the race. Sunny has her first XC meet on the same date.

Must Read: RoJo from LetsRun interviewed Yiannis Kouros in 2019 but didn’t release the transcript until this week. Pretty awesome interview with the GOAT where he discusses his training, his diet, his music, his love for construction, and of course, it’s Yiannis so…he blames his crew for his bad performances.

Speaking of GOATs, if Kipchoge is serious about running an ultra, which race would be best?¬†Think he’s looking at a road 50k? Maybe a light trail 50 miler?

If you’re not watching the Paralympic Games, you’re missing out. These are some seriously elite athletes who’ve either adapted to their impairment (ie visually impaired runners), or taken up an entirely new sport like goal ball. If you’ve ever wondered how athletes are classified (example: a person with a moderate visual impairment vs an athlete who is completely blind), here’s a good primer.

Speaking of the Paralympics, Toni Reavis writes that the Olympic Games should take notes from the Paralympian Long Jump rules. Never thought much about the long jump, but I totally agree with him. I’d love to hear the perspective from someone who knows more about the long jump.

SCMP: Hong Kong’s top runner loses his vision half way through UTMB and still finishes 11th overall. If you have’t heard our interview with Courtney Dauwalter from 2017, she ¬†talks extensively about losing her vision during Run Rabbit Run.

Trailrunner/Roche: How to be a beginner trail runner. Good advice in there, but I’d add one more point: Don’t go out and buy everything you think you’re told you need.

Outside Business Journal: Excellent article about how sponsorship deals often exploit athletes and put them in dangerous positions. And kudos to the authors and editors for naming companies that are also magazine advertisers.

Adventure Blog: Covid vaccines required–or maybe not required?–to climb Everest.

And hey, whatever higher power you believe in, throw some words in for those in Lake Tahoe right now. This one really hits close as we know people who’ve lost their homes already.

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