Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News

Uphill Athlete: Big race coming up? Here’s all you need to know about tapering and sharpening for the big day.

Did you watch Chicago Toronto Marathon and notice the dude in the banana suit running with the top women? Here’s his story.

Obstacle Racing Media: Looks like there’s an alleged creep/rapist in the OCR world whose life is about to get a whole lot worse.

You’ve heard Ben and I talk about our GORE ShakeDry jackets…now read Skurka’s comprehensive review as we enter the rainy season. Highly recommended jacket, and be sure to read comments on sizing. It’s a tighter fit than most.

USA Today: PCT hiker in Oregon goes off trail, winds up in a blizzard with wet gear and no food, and takes shelter in an outhouse until SAR tracks his prints and rescues him. Lucky guy.

Sunny didn’t get all of her homework done yesterday because we were “watching” Maggie and Will battle it out at Big’s Backyard Ultra. When Will finally called it quits and Maggie completed the lap successfully, we cheered, talked about it, and headed to soccer practice. What a race and what a powerful thing for kids to witness!

What happens when you get back to your truck at the trailhead and there’s an angry freaking BEAR trapped under your bedcover? More this way.

PodiumRunner: A review of the four top cushioned running shoes that doesn’t include HOKA?

Jade DeLaRosa: Similarities and differences in competitive ballroom dancing and trail ultramarathons. Fun read.

Very few people in sport are as highly and roundly respected and admired as Shalane Flanagan. She retired from professional running yesterday and is now taking on a new role as coach.

He’s run Badwater and Spartathlon, he’s run across Scotland and set records in many ultramarathon distances, and now, at age 66, William Sichel is finally getting a legit drivers license.

Special shoutout to Magda Boulet on her 172 circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe. While she missed the FKT, her performance was incredible and she remains an incredible ambassador and inspiration within our sport.

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