Ultramarathon and Trail Running News for Mon May 15

Justin Mock reports on all the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend. Big races overseas, a new World Record,, smaller races stateside, and everything else.

Only addition to the above rundown for Paiute Meadows is some old washed up podcaster taking 3rd AG in the half and a spunky 13yo taking the win for the females. 🙂

Biel Rafols was at the start of Zegama and caught the exciting start.

Eleven grand for an ultramarathon, but hey, you get a butler?

Can someone please make this real life story into a movie? A mom and daughter walk across the country with a curling iron, a compass, a revolver, and some pepper spray in a bid to save their house.

Is it fair to get dragged by a dog in a race? (Fair questions, but since it’s Let’s Run, you know it’ll go sideways.)

Want to run with your pooch? Read this first.

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