Ultramarathon and Trail Running News | Tue, Nov 19

Adventure Journal: How to cram a weekend’s worth of adventure gear into your car.

NYT: The message and point of the trail is not lost on me, but my focus is on who can run the 17 miles across San Francisco and through all the different neighborhoods the fastest. Here’s the route on the FKT boards….who’s up next?

Read this insightful and extremely well-written post from a Nike athlete about why and how the circle of abuse is perpetuated. Of anything written since Mary Cain’s essay, this post by Tianna Bartoletta has had the most impact on me and helped me understand the situation more clearly.

I always dreamed of running White River 50, but never got up to the PNW to take a crack at it. Now that Rainshadow Racing has it, I’ve got a newfound interest in the beautiful course.

Matt Fitzgerald (interview) gets into hot water by trying to bring a humorous slant on the coach/fat shaming issue to Twitter. Here’s his explanation. Lessons from personal experience: Tread very carefully with emotional issues and assume that readers will assume the worst of your intentions.

Mario Fraioli: Some reflections on YiOu’s win at TNFEC and some more follow up from the AlSal/NOP debacle.

Jen Rhines weighs in with her experience as a high school, college, pro, and Master’s elite athlete. Interesting perspective.

Bloomberg: What to serve at Thanksgiving if you’re not drinking.

Treeline Journal: Make big goals and get them done. Good pep talk!

This guy survived social scrutiny, nasty British weather, and a really sore ass as he set the record for riding a penny farthing 844 miles across Britain. Some of those ascents looks brutal.
His reasoning for taking on this feat is familiar to many on these pages: He’s curious. Curious as a person and curious what this adventure will do to him.

When I think of ultramarathons in South Africa, I think of Comrades and Two Oceans. Here’s a cool report from the Karoo 80k that crosses a once-flooded desert and passes townships, missing aid stations, and a ton of painted rocks.

Short news day. Working on a big project. Stay tuned.

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