Ultramarathon and Trail Running News, Wed, Feb 22

Well this should be awesome to watch. Rickey Gates is running across the country over the next few months. No crew, no GPS, no major plans. Just run, eat, and meet people.  (Here’s his URP interview from a few years ago.)

Ah, tapering. Everyone’s got an opinion about how, when, and why, but here we get to see an elite athlete’s exact taper schedule and her corresponding results (an, ahem, Golden Ticket.)  I’d say they’re pretty positive, what do you think?

…speaking of Ms Gallagher, looks like she’s one of the first female MUT runners with a frosting contract.  Hear more about her frosting-fuel in her URP interview right here. Tons of fun!

ultramarathon david roche
David Roche smiling and picking his way through the slop at FOURmidable 50k on Saturday.

URP political talk: The President of Iceland is wrong!  Pineapple pizza is delicious.

Whenever I’m having an exceptionally good (and rare) beer, I think about aging it and “what’ll it be like in 5 years? I’ll never know.”  So here’s an opportunity to read about a vertical tasting of one of the best–Westy 12–and how it’s aged and what you need to know about cellaring.

India opens the country’s first MTB-only trails in the Himalayas. (To note, this is the exact area I ran through in October.  Wonderful people, stunning scenery, incredible food.)

But athletes are more pampered now… Our post-race meal was beer.

–Great interview with Chairman of the Boards Eamonn Coghlan from 2014 about his build up to his WR and this thoughts about the current scene.

Cool video of a road ultramarathon in Lake Tahoe.  Hmmm…sometimes my keyboard is like a Ouija board and they magically start registering for races on their own…

Hang out? I’ll be hosting the first ever URP Patreon Video Conference Extravaganza Palooza (UPVCEP?) tomorrow night at 6pm PST.  We’ll talk about running, gear, beer, food, sponsors, drugs, podcasting, technology, my distasted for stackstone, whatever you want.  Jump over to the Patreon page for more information and to submit some initial topics.  Thanks!

I wondered what happened to Dan Metzger! Great year last year with some solid results in deep fields, then he seemed to disappear.  A belated update.

OK, this Marathon Investigation guy is really, really good.  Nice sleuthing work at a half marathon in Florida.

Some asshat is putting nails on trails on the East Coast. Most likely targeting MTB users, but we all share the same trails. Come on, people.

Oh, boy. Ultramarathon prize money fairness between the sexes. 

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