Ultramarathon Daily | Fri, Oct 13 | Ultrarunnerpodcast

How to recover mentally from an injury.

Events cancelled in SF Bay Area due to poor air quality.

No way to sugar coat this (or apparently we would’ve discovered it already): America is fat, and keeps getting fatter. 

How to prepare and pack for the Tor des Geants.

Should athletes be fitted with microchips? Seems a bit extreme, especially using the “they do it to dogs” reasoning.

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RD flakes out on half marathon in Texas. Runners stage fat ass. (Link fixed.)

SLS: How to go from a boring old ultramarathon runner to an “I’m ready to kick ass in a stage race” in a year.

She got into competitive running after her kids were born, now this 46yo mom is going for the record at Toronto Marathon next weekend.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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