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Good Morning! This is John Onate, I am an Internist-Psychiatrist and ultrarunnerpodcast and I am bringing you the Daily News today!

It is hard for me to not to post a video of Kilian crushing a Skyrace. This clip in particular shows how relaxed his form is throughout transitioning from climbing, descending and terrain changes. Enjoy!!

Killian at Comapedarosa 2018

While, Mount Marathon rules the July crazy hard local mountain running races. Japan seems to have its own version in August with the Mount Fuji Ekiden!! Plus it is hard to help Eric out and not find room for an Ekiden 🙂

Mount Fuji Ekiden

As both a Internal Medicine Doc and Psychiatrist, helping people when they feel everything has gone wrong is a common situation. I try to help them sort through what is actually connected, what is not related and support them as the learn to accept what they have no control to change at all.  The old cliche about a X-Race (marathon, ultramarathon or other epic journey) is “life in a day” is true in regards to being in the present, being mindful and adapting your process to deal with the curve balls the event throws at you. Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness use non-running examples in their essay to expand on this topic.

What to do when it all goes wrong

Using a personal coach for ultra marathoning is all the rage now, I think around 25% of the Western States racers this year used some form of coaching.  I benefited greatly from the coaching and guidance I received from Chris and Alicia Vargo, not only during active coaching but additionally from learning their approach and philosophy to running that I will forever be grateful. If you have not subscribed to the Science Of Ultra Podcast, I highly recommend it especially if you like to geek out on data and metrics along with some great advice on running.  In the first video version of the podcast the host interviews some of the top Mountain Trail Ultra Coaches in a very insightful discussion.

Science Of Ultra-Coaches Corner #1

I had no idea who Michelle Wolf was until the 2018 White House Correspondence Dinner. Since then I was surprised to find out her first long distance race was a 50 miler!

Michelle Wolf Ultrarunner

What does running, meditation and magic mushrooms have in common?  They all seem to deactivate your Default Mode Network!  An overactive Default Mode Network may be associated with rumination and depression.

Running’s effect on the brain

Sacramento’s ultrarunners know and are in awe of the legendary power-hiking skills of Roxanna Pana (2nd place Quicksilver 2016). Coach David Roche gives some advice for us mortals when we take on the hills!!

Power Hiking

We all know the talented videographers and Youtuber’s Ethan Newberry, Jamil Coury and Billy Yang.  I want to introduce you to a relative newcomer from The Land Down Under: Dan Whitehead.  I discovered him while researching the CCC for Makiko last year.  He is able to make very succinct, focused narratives in his vlogs that also incorporate absolutely beautiful photography.  Here is his latest entry…enjoy!

Dan Whitehead-Vlog

Have you been wondering where in the world has YiOu Wang been this year (and last year)? A better question perhaps is where hasn’t she been in the world this year.  Mario’s podcast interviews get better and better with this current episode!

YiOu Wang Morning Shakeout Interview

Finally a logical reason to take a hot yoga class:  Boost Your Plasma Volume!

Boost Your Plasma Volume with Hot Yoga!

Alyssa Godesky improved the FKT set by my friend Nikki Kimball by 5 hours!! If you have not watched it yet, add Nikki’s Movie Finding Traction on your Netflix watchlist, to see how gnarly and difficult the Long Trail is!

Long Trail Women’s FKT

Thanks Eric for letting me guest post! I hope you all have a great day!!

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