Ultramarathon Daily News | 2-22-22

Camille Herron absolutely crushed it at Jackpot over the weekend, winning the USATF 100 Mile Championship outright in a new WR time of 12:41 and setting numerous other records along the way. Phenomenal performance.

iRunFar: Basic backcountry skills for new trail runners. Good stuff to know and to review from time to time.

Getting your desired body and keeping it. 

Running in the moment, being aware of your surroundings, and being present will revolutionize your life and your running.

There’s a new 200 miler in Costa Rica.

I saw plenty of MUT folks (runners, writers, “influencers”) last week opining about the Russian skater who tested positive for doping, but didn’t see one person from this group (aside from Ross Tucker) write about the Lia Thomas situation at Penn. Surely, both have to do with gaining an unfair and unnatural advantage over female athletes, both are outside of our normal running “lane”, and both are somehow technically legal at this point. But no one will speak out about the injustice of what’s happening in women’s sports all because they’re afraid of being called a nasty name?

And a final comment on Ms Valieva comes from Mike Torico at NBC Sports…Blame goes all around.

Anton’s website is empty. I’m hoping/assuming he’s making updates?

Brendan Leonard pays homage to the M Trail in Montana.  Reminds me of “The Beast” near my parents house in Southern California and makes me really yearn for something like that in Sacramento.

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