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Ultramarathon Daily News From Around the World

The Economist dives deep into one of the worlds greatest ultramarathons, The Spartathlon.

Here’s Ian’s new interview with Zach Miller and Caroline Boller.

(Some of) running’s greatest minds discuss the sub2 hour marathon project.

Those with young kids understand the importance of a “good Santa.”  Where do they all come from? LinkedIn, of course.

Lake Sonoma 50 lottery draws were yesterday. At this point, the women’s race is much more interesting than the fellas, but we’ve got another few months for elites to sort out their schedules.

This is a few months old, but here’s a first look at Under Armour’s first trail shoe.

It’s in the high 20s on my morning runs and I’m cold.  Then I read Jill’s account of 0 degrees and I feel like a wimp.

More help wanted: I need a dependable female trail shoe reviewer who wears a size 8, can write, and is not affiliated as a sponsored athlete or ambassador for a footwear company.  Please send an email here with what shoe you currently run in and any writing samples.  Thanks.

Justin/IRF’s weekend round up of ultramarathon (and skimo) results from around the country.

Beer science: Here’s a chart that measures the ratio between a beers’ calories from alcohol vs calories from other sources.  Which is the most efficient beer to give you a buzz without all the extra calories?

Looking for a sweet nanny gig? Want to travel the world with Krista and Timmy Olson. Look no further.

Beer miles and ugly Christmas sweaters.  Both really cool a few years ago, then they got over-commercialized and I’ve lost interest.

But….we can still talk about beer.  Here’s a pretty solid list of the best IPAs in the country, by state. Sip of Sunshine in VT is one of the best beers I’ve ever had, so the list has some legitimacy in my eyes and I’ve enjoyed plenty of others on the list. Hopheads, what do you think? Did Food & Wine get your state right?

No ultramarathon content, but a fair discussion: How much responsibility should companies take with advertising dangerous activities?

Need a last minute stocking stuffer or gift? Consider a cool sticker from the URP sway page. It’ll check a name off your list and help support the site. Thank You!

Unfortunately, voting closed on the below category, or this guy would be on the list: Doyle Carpenter, 77, wins 48 hour ultramarathon in Alabama with 148 miles.  Dang!

And here’s my official ballot for best masters performance.  FKTs did not apply, and runner must be 50+ years old:


  1. David Jones at Tunnel Hill  (17:34 100 miles at 65 years old)
  2. Jay Aldous at Desert Solstice (15:37 100 miler at 55 years old)
  3. Jean Pommier at Caumsett (3:18 trail 50k at 52 years old)
  4. Mark Richtman at Miwok (10:10:27 trail 100k at 61 years old)
  5. Rich Hanna at Jed Smith (3:17 50k at 51 years old)


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