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Oh hell yes. Ever wondered what it’d be like to run up one of those hills that ski jumpers go down? Now’s your chance. If wagering were legal, who’d you put money on? Joe Gray? Kaci Enman?

Looking for more vertical races in North America? Right this way.

Norway’s ski team has five basic dictums: The first is don’t be a jerk. Number five mandates that Friday night is taco night.  Here are the rest.  Great read!

Looking to ad to your hydration game without the sugar rush and crash?

David Roche: Train for experiences, not events.

People may call us crazy, but it’s not us they should be worried about.

Looking for another crazy gimmick wrapped into an ultramarathon? How about running 130 miles strapped to someone you just met an hour before the start. 

‘Our first priority is everyone’s safety and slippery grass with strong winds and rain is not a good combination for tossing pancakes whilst running.
‘When I was at school we used to do cross country running in thunder storms, what is the matter with the soft snowflakes in the world today.’

–I don’t know. I thought Kiwis Brits were tougher than this.

Cheers to this dude (and his girlfriend) for winning HK100, but he should probably check some of his confidence at the trailhead when he lines up at UTMB. I’ve never met either of them and am hoping that many of their quotes were somehow lost in translation.

I hate to complain about race schedules, but once again…a “National Championship” ultramarathon event that’s held on the same day as a Golden Ticket race. I know, I know, they’re different events (one road, one trail), but with so much crossover in our sport, this shouldn’t be happening. I’ll be watching the deep competitive field in Arizona.

I chatted with Natalie Ghelfi yesterday about how she trained for and what she learned at her first 100k and released it to the Patreon crew last night. I’ll publish it to the URP site and iTunes early next week.  Another great benefit of becoming a URP Patron! Find out more right this way.


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