Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 13

How ultramarathon and trail events can be used to advocate for public lands issues.

More on Patrick Caron’s run at Transvulcania. Here’s our interview with him from last year.

How analyzing your sweat can make you a better runner.

Smart and classy decision by 2017 champ Cat: Sitting out this year due to some medical complications. Mike Wilkinson thanks you.

Have you checked out the IRF Western States prediction contest? Gotta wait til the end to see what shakes out in the final few days.

ultramarathon baby shirt
Ultramarathon shirt or baby announcement?

From reader/listener Danielle:

These are the shirts I designed for our pregnancy announcement to our friends and family. Since we are both big into ultramarathon and trail running we thought a fake race shirt would be a fun way to share the news with our friends and family. 
The problem was, nobody got it. Everyone just assumed they were actual race shirts. 

Baby has come along for a few 50ks and recently joined me for a 50 miler.
We are so excited for Baby Pod arriving in November!
Check out more of Danielle’s shirts and designs right this way: @poddesignshop
We all know we should be starting slow. In this piece, D Roche writes about the why.
Treading lightly here while recognizing the blatant lack of ultramarathon content…but here’s an analysis of Anthony Bourdain’s seemingly hypocritical stance on beer and steak (and a few other things.)  As a former culinary wonk and back-of-the-houser, I was a huge fan.
Alright, what are antioxidants anyways? And is exercise really the best antioxidant out there?
This article was making all sorts of sense: Knocking down misconceptions and fears and analyzing why UK and EU women want more cycling lanes in their towns, but are subsequently reluctant to use them. Great discussion! But then the author blamed the issue on the gender of the people who designed the original roads? Seems like a bit of a stretch, no?
Site news: Releasing Diana Fitzpatrick interview today. Stay tuned. 
Also, in light of IHOP’s recent announcement, URP will be changing our name to PIP but will draw out the official reveal until next week.

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