Ultramarathon Daily News | April 1, 2019

Justin Mock/IRF: All the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend.
-The women’s race at Georgia Death Race looked awesome, but according to this report, there may have been some unintentional wrong turns up front that drastically changed the course/outcome. Not sure how much RD Sean Blanton knows, but it’s an unfortunate thing to happen at any race, particularly one with Golden Tickets on the line. Hope it gets figured out.
Here’s our interview with 2nd place Liz Canty and while we’re at it, here’s out chat with 2nd fella Morgan Elliot.

World XC: Footage from the IAAF World XC Champs in Denmark make it look awesome. Now the big question…Will the event use the momentum from this year and look for an equally exciting course and format not year??? I hope so.

And here’s what makes our sport so different from road racing: Everyone starts at the same time on the same line, leaving the door open for a non-elite to win the race. With very few exceptions–and none at the top tier–the elite field can fall apart and some guy or gal who’s been working hard and running smart can stand atop the podium at the finish, earning $100k a belt buckle and a probably a beer for their effort.

Anton: Anyone notice this? 30 miles on trails at 7:44 pace…in the snow…with road shoes…and no gel or water?

Sorry: Portland State track headed to California for a track meet, stop for a bite in the Bay Area, and asshats break in and steal their spikes.

Fast Women: Alison runs down all the female-centric results from track, XC, road, and MUT from this weekend.

Beer: Is there anything it can’t do? Dogfish Head creates beer that can develop Super 8 film. No, this does not appear to be an April Fool’s Day prank.

Kevin Beck: Pretty solid rant mixed with biting commentary about the state of our society. How much does fame and notoriety drive us, and how much are we willing to exploit things to get what we want? Included as examples: Dean Karnazes and Suzy Favor Hamilton.

Politics: Laz and Blake Wood announce their bid for a presidential run.

Personal/TMI: I’ve been struggling with energy, kids, and time on a vegetarian diet, so a few days ago I started introducing meat (chicken and fish) back into my diet. No big changes, except I’ve been horrendously (enter every synonym for stank right here) gassy since then, and I’m assuming it’s because of the diet change. Anyone else experience this lovely side effect? When will this go away?!?

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