Ultramarathon Daily News | August 10, 2018

AJW here, sitting in for Eric today.

As we’ve long suspected, regular exercise is indeed good for mental health.

But, then again, it may make us unhappy too.

Whatever the case, as I’ve known all along, whether it makes us happy or sad, coffee before a run is just fine!  Whew!

And, some news on ultrarunner’s other favorite beverage, here’s an interesting take on the on again off again beer mile craze

Turns out there’s a new app to help runners visualize the course at the San Francisco Marathon?  Sounds pretty cool!  When they make the one for Hardrock sign me up to help film it.

As techy/geeky as Training Peaks can be sometimes, even they know that sometimes the most important feedback we can give ourselves about our training is not easily measured in numbers and graphs 

Sierra Zinal is this weekend!  Can anyone beat Kilian?

Pucker alert!  Check out the trailer for the new Alex Honnold documentary “Free Solo”!  Dang!

Finally, if you haven’t already, you must peruse Bryon Powell’s photo gallery from his recent run at Hardrock.  All taken with his iPhone.

PS – And, oh yeah, here’s a little piece I wrote for irunfar today on the “Habit Loop” in running and life.

Many thanks to Eric for turning over the controls of the Daily News to a few of us amateurs while he enjoyed vacation north of the border.  This is certainly an invaluable resource for the entire ultrarunning community and it is an honor to have been a little part of it.  Cheers!

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