Ultramarathon Daily News, Cinco de Mayo Edition

Ultramarathon News:

Basic tips for your summer ultramarathon adventure, courtesy of Dom Grossman.

¡Aye aye aye, Ryan Hall tiene grandes músculos!

Strava and social responsibility.  What should be the site’s role in policing performances?

Here’s a survey on PEDs looking for data.

The WSJ covers my running inspiration Ed Whitlock.

These folks compiled a list of awesome trails in 39 countries in order to circumnavigate the globe on foot.  The AT is certainly a good representation of the US, how about the rest?

Interesting: How to manipulate carb intake to maximize performance.  Is anyone doing this?

My daughter’s elementary school has a similar running program and it’s great to see how much the kids like it.  Yours?

The Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was a helluva runner at school in Arizona.

Dos Equis Amber is a surprisingly great brew.  What’s your favorite Mexican beer?

Anxious to see how this works: New pro T&F league will debut in Oregon this summer.

Sri Chimnoy 6 day race just ended, and the EMU 6 day race in Hungary is starting.  Multi-day folks, help me out here: With relatively few events in the world, why not spread them out a bit more?  Live feed will be here. Is anyone doing the double?

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