Ultramarathon Daily News, Cinco de Mayo Edition

Happy Cinco de Mayo! After growing up in Southern California, working in kitchens for a few years, and visiting Spain and Mexico multiple times, you’d think my espanol would be better than this. Writing these seven sentences took as long as the usual 15 I do on a normal day. Enjoy.

La semana pasada, I linked to este post about his primera 100k.  Here is how it went.

Ice Age 50 esta el lado weekend. Gracias Scott K  para acerca de la race. Max King corrio muy rapido la semana ano.  Mas info acqi.

Trail WhippAss hablan con Anton. Answers interesantes.

Treadmills son peligrosos con smartphones.

No se como decir “fanboy” en español. Pero yo soy uno. GingerRunner es uno también.

Hoka esta nueva sponsor primero para UROC. Besides Speedgoat, is this Hoka’s first domestic race sponsor?

Esta director de la marathon es en the pokie.


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