Ultramarathon Daily News | December 1

If you heard our interview with Pat Reagan last month and want to learn more, here’s a great piece by fellow speedster Robbie Britton about how Pat ran Javelina 100 so…damn…fast.

And here’s your most-clicked-on link for the week: Anton lays down 8 tips for succeeding at 100 miles.

Part broth, part coffee? Sounds bizarre, but may make perfect sense in an ultramarathon, right?

Run easy, PNW trail runners. That yeti you think you saw is actually just a bear.

Looking to dive into race reports from ultramarathons around the country. This site is new, but it’s already got a ton of races to read up on.

Me trying out an adaptive MTB wheelchair in Vermont.

If URP ever suddenly stops, you can safely assume I’ve moved to New Zealand to work as one of the coolest gigs out there: Hut Warden. Check out this neat video of an enviable way of life.

….nah, I’ll probably just be at this place drinking great beer and eating seafood. I don’t assume there are trails nearby?

Science! Running marathons is good bad good bad for your heart.

Cal Int’l Marathon is this Sunday, and so is Fukuoka Marathon. Here’s the elite lineup. Speaking of CIM, it’ll be my first time guiding a visually impaired runner in a race. I’m guiding Kyle Robidoux, so if you’re out there around the 3:35 mark, say hi!

How Jean Pommier is able to work, train, parent, husband, travel, race AND put together things like this boggles my mind.

Interested in hearing Nikki Kimball talk about her struggles with depression? My buddy Tony (I was on his show recently…he’s a marriage therapist, so the dude knows how to interview!) chatted with her this week.

What was the response when an up and coming triathlete started a GoFundMe account to help her go pro? Opinion piece right this way.

Remember…today is #wearyourbuckletowork day! Hoping for good luck in the ultramarathon lotteries this weekend? Pay your dues to the lottery gods!

Did you get your free sample of S-Fuels yet? If you’re looking for a bar with no sugar that’s easy on the tummy, check the out over here.

Doping is really only prevalent in sports with big money, right? Wrong again. Female masters MTB champ busted for testosterone and HGH.

Breastfeeding and buggy/stroller running: Some FAQ.

New interview coming out today with Eric Senseman. Really fun talk about tenacity, women in MUT media, Western plans, and more. Stay tune.

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