Ultramarathon Daily News | Feb 21

We know about Megan Roche’s running and coaching, but now let’s get familiar with what she’s studying in medicine and how it affect the rest of her life.

iRunFar: Zach Miller writes about the impact his decisions have and where and how his next move will affect not just him but others. Great writing as always…hope to see Zach racing more!

Forbes: The new CBA for the NFL would essentially remove any penalties for testing positive for cannabis. While it sounds like the players union won’t sign the agreement, I’m curious if this idea will continue and whether it’ll spread to other sports.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Wow, very cool. Sarah makes a big change for the better! Welcome to the club!

Looking for an industry job as a social media manager. Apply within.

Two things I know very little about, but are fascinating when combined: How to photograph a big wall climb.

Best to rest when injured or keep moving? One take on the issue, and of course, everyone is different.

“I was watching videos on the Comrades Marathon and I saw how Caroline Wöstmann destroyed the field in 2015. The Russian twins were still there and she flew past them,” she told the Mail & Guardian.

“It felt to me like she was such an inspiration, because our paths followed similar patterns. We both started running late and I just thought: ‘If she can do it, I can too.’ This made me realise that I had potential as an athlete.”

Behold the awesomess that is Gerda Steyn. How will the Comrades champ do in the Olympic Marathon? I dunno, but it’ll be fun to watch.

Since “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has found its way into our national lexicon, I’d like to submit “VaporFly Derangement Syndrome” into the international lexicon. Geez, turn on the Twitter and people can’t seem to discuss the sport without freaking the hell out about the shoes.

In our fast-paced world, walking is a radical act. Great article from a neat perspective…he’s the only person to have submitted Everest and both Poles on foot.
I get the same feeling when I’m running on the trails and see people hiking.

Lets Run: Women’s half marathon record broken…not by Brigid Kosgei.

What I learned from Michael Ortiz this year: There are four states in the US that do NOT have 100 milers. Can you name them? (Answer in comments)

RW: Cool story about the Minnesota teenager heading to the Oly Trials.

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