Ultramarathon Daily News, Friday, Feb 3

Ultramarathon News

Sue Johnston’s epic Grid challenge in the Northeast stood out among other performances last year. Read the details here.  And yes, I’ve asked her to come on the show. (She said no.) 

Vermont’s Hill Farmstead Brewery named best in the world. Well? How is it?

Be sure to listen to our latest podcast with North Face athlete Hillary Allen. We talk about her insatiable need for adventure (“I can’t be tamed! I neeeeeed adventure!”), how she balances competition and fun, how her curious mind took her from tennis to trail running, and what role rest has in her workout regiment.  Definitely a fun talk!

ultramarathonThe episode was sponsored by the Ancient Redwoods Run Festival.  Held on May 20 in the the Mendocino Redwoods, they’ve got the entire campground reserved for fun, food, trail running, and more.

Steve and Gina Slaby: Ultrarunning’s power couple.  Which other couple would you like to see in a spouses only race?  Roche’s? Tollefson’s? Rusieckis?

Lame: How to survive an ultramarathon.  Is this really good advice for someone who has no idea what they’re getting themselves into?

For some, coming back from meniscal surgery is tough.  I’m hoping I’m good to go in four weeks.

I saw A Decade On last night at Ethan Newberry’s showing in Sacramento.  What a great movie!  I was in Foresthill, waiting with one of his pacers to come through, and left disheartened, thinking he’d DNFed.  How nice to see the whole story!  Check out the tour schedule on Facebook.  Here’s our interview with Brian from a few weeks before the race.

Speaking of video, this new Salomon series will watch three new runners train in and experience trail running for the first time.

Good read: I was a black, female thru hiker on the Appalachian Trail.

Yes! Get out there and help the trail community. Volunteer at a race, help clear trail, take a chain saw course and get certified.  We’re all in this together.

Anxious to chat with Scotty on Sunday about his year.  For those who’ve been with URP for awhile, you remember Scotty as one of the original hosts of the show. He took a few years off of training seriously, but is not intent on finishing his first hundred miler this year.  I’ll chat with him along the way, he’ll be writing a weekly column updating us on his progress, then we’ll all watch him go after Rio Del Lago 100 milers in the summer. Can’t wait!

Short news day. What did I miss?

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