Ultramarathon Daily News for Mon June 5

From Old Dominion to a race across Connecticut, Justin has all the results from trail and ultramarathon races from the past seven days. Did Camille really win a marathon by 50 minutes? (Results page seems to be buggy and won’t open.) Geez.

Help! I’m looking for a few volunteers to help out in the announcing booth during Broken Arrow Skyrace June 16-18. Have a few hours to spare? It’s a fun, fast-paced job with the best seats in the house. Shoot me an email if you can help out. Thanks!

Might be weird looking, but it’s an incredible impact-free workout. (Just imagine an SUP breeding with a Stair-Master.)

AJW tells some compelling stories about this years’ Western States entrants (Go Pam!) and puts out his predictions for men and women. I agree with his mens top three, but not sure about women. (And if history proves correct, my predictions will all be wildly wrong.)

Speaking of WS (and I guess we’re truly in “the season” now, so prepare for lots of WS info), here’s a new short documentary on the history of the race. Very well done and worth your fifteen minutes.

Below: Trail conditions for WS between Hwy 49 and Quarry Trail as of yesterday: Perfect.

“Isn’t it dangerous running on the trails though?”

Sage seems to entirely miss the point about fair competition, testosterone, hard work, and reality and again fails to see the issue from a female’s point of view.

A few good health/fitness/diet questions related to ultramarathons answered by a Ph.D.

Jamil and Aravaipa push East.

What do you think about “pace inclusivity”? Does it make sense (permitting, volunteers, etc) to allow unlimited time to finish a race? I don’t know the answer to this.

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