Ultramarathon Daily News for Tue May 2

CTS/Koop: Pre-race and do’s and don’ts for ultramarathon runners.

Colleges have T&F teams and XC teams and now at least one college has a trail running team. 

Seems like there’s some drama in the pack burro/ass/trail racing world and John Paul LaCroix is naturally involved.

Don’t worry, this stuff never happens, and if it does, who cares, right? They’re just women. Let the men have their opportunities and glory for once.

The crowd at Zegama is hype, but I just barfed from the motion sickness.

The importance of standing on one leg if you are a runner.

Trailrunner/Outside: How live-streaming will shape the future of ultramarathon running.

Something about a ultrarunning Bulgarian dude locking himself in a box with a treadmill to bring attention to addictions.

I’ve looked online but haven’t found much…Anyone know if replacing a cracked screen on a COROS is possible? (A certain 13yo girl busted her watch and is distraught.)

Ouch. This speaks to me.

No, I wasn’t up at The Canyons this past weekend. First time I’ve missed it since the inaugural year.

Short news day. Gotta run!

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