Ultramarathon Daily News for Tue May 30

Kilian survives an avalanche during an Everest attempt.

Have a tissue ready: Former IRF Editor Alex Potter remembers her late husband and expert crew member Pete Reed.

Candice Burt gets a full writeup in the WSJ for her World Record 50k streak. (Paywalled.)

Speaking of writing, Steph Cutadel–Tommy Rivs’ wife–has written a book about not just Tommy’s journey with cancer, but also about her own grief after losing her dad as a teen. The book comes out today.

More books! Doug Mayer writes about the history of UTMB–apparently the good and the bad–from in insider’s perspective.

More on UTMB: Matt Walsh from Trail Mix puts out an excellent newsletter a few times a month and this edition is focused on UTMB and how its franchise model is affecting the sport. Great read.

Money, money, money, moooney! Kara Goucher opens up about pro runner contracts and what she and her husband were paid by Nike, by RDs, and by other sponsors. Interesting.

Broken Arrow Skyrace, 2022.

–>Broken Arrow Skyrace is coming up fast! Generally one of the most competitive sub-ultra fields in the country, this year looks to be no exception. There’ll be a ton of snow on the course and a new start/finish area due to some construction, but the competition will be fierce and every finisher will be celebrated.  If you are registered, please return your Athlete Questionnaire (emailed out a few days ago) so the friendly and haggard race announcer has something to work with. 🙂 Thank You and see you all soon.

Western States announces new Golden Ticket races for 2024, a list that now includes the Beast Coast classic Grindstone 100. Good move.

High School Track: Lex Young breaks the high school 5k record with a 13:34 mark. Again, he’s in high school.

Two high school trans athletes are no-shows at CIF prelims after public outcry and protests at the meet. I had friends there and the “extreme protesters” were holding signs advocating for girls and women’s sports.

I’ve been covering the ultramarathon scene in Hong Kong for many years but had no idea it went back so far.

As I write this, Jennifer Russo has become the first woman ever to surpass 300 miles in 72 hours and she’s doing so at the Capital Backyard.

2018 UTMB CCC Champ Miao Yao ascends a slippery mudfest at Zegama this year.  What a crowd!

Think of all the advances in the sport of running over the past few decades. Now why in the world are we still pinning paper numbers to our chests? Isn’t there a better way?

Heading to the High Sierra this summer? Andrew Skurka is hosting a live Q&A about conditions, gear, routes, etc that will surely to apply to trail runners as well.

Or maybe you’re heading to the Grand Canyon soon? Here’s an excellent report on the conditions of the trails.

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