Ultramarathon Daily News for Wed Apr 12

Ultrarunning Magazine: What to do when the fun meter taps out during a race.

…and if the fun is gone and a DNF is afoot, Sarah Lavender Smith has some advice on how to look back at what TF happened.

But what’s the point of being able to run up a mountain if you can’t stay grounded in what really matters?

–Excellent piece on FreeTrail about What it Really Means to be a Trail Runner.

Run Spirited: Meg Morgan sounds like she’s got a good focus not only training (she snagged a Golden Ticket at Black Canyon), but also for recognizing the importance of youth running programs.

Still no MUT events in the Olympics, but instead we’re getting a mixed gender race walk marathon relay? Wut?

While the IOC approved that nonsense, Michael Johnson tweeted out a laundry list of ideas on how to improve track and field in terms of popularity, marketing, etc. Interesting and well thought out ideas that, ahem, don’t include a race walk relay.

Speaking of Twitter, I replied to author Alison Desir’s tweet against a house bill stipulating sex categories in sports and a lively discussion ensued. I’ve been barking about women’s participation in sports and sports media for a decade and will continue to advocate for sex-based sports and spaces.

Speaking of women, Sue MacDonald ran a 2:25 800m at Masters a few weeks ago. She turned 60 years old at the event.

Trail runner found dead in the Italian Dolomites. Injuries are consistent with a bear attack.

It’s OK. These shoes are crazy expensive and ugly.

New Yorker: Why were two female running champions killed in Iten, Kenya?

Semi-Rad: Are you an uphill person or a downhill person? (Uphill all the way.)

BBC covers The Tunnel, the 200 mile ultramarathon held in an abandoned rail tunnel in England.

Cool short film with Allie Ostrander.

Goats eat everything. But what does the GOAT eat?

Or you could always eat Lithuanian dumplings like Gediminas Grinius.

Please watch this: My favorite trail running film is “Survival Run” that shows Harry Cordellos running The Dipsea Race in 1979. Harry’s is completely blind and depends on his guide to get him up and down the technical course at top speed. Incredible film and unfortunately, Harry passed away this month.

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