Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Apr 10

Our final installment of Lake Sonoma previews…Lindsay Tollefsen and Jim Walmsley.  This is Lindsay’s first fifty, but she brings a powerful arsenal to the start line. And this’ll be Jim’s second fifty, but he’s got an impressive resume, strong fitness, and brings lots of confidence to Healdsburg.

Be sure to watch ultrasportslive.tv this weekend for comprehensive Lake Sonoma interviews and live…freaking…tracking of the event.

This guy just set a new FKT for a global circumnavigation. Whoa!

….and coincidentally, big congrats to my dad! He’s been running for 25 years and last night ran his 24, 902nd mile. That’s once around the globe (though I can’t figure out how there’s 9k miles difference?), and he’s already started on his second lap. Go Dad!

Today in science: Running is, once again, good for you.

The Int’l Assn of Ultramarathon 24 World Championships are this weekend in Italy. Best bet for updates is the US Team’s Facebook page here.

Runners’ bling, with no mention of buckles.

Good running tips…for the waist up.

Looking for a camping/fastpacking stove? By far the best review I’ve read.

Short news day. Headed to Sonoma, but stay tuned for a new interview later this morning.

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