Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Apr 15

Ultrarunning Mag: What’s going on in the ultramarathon world this weekend?

iRunFar: Salomon takes a cue from HOKA and goes full cush.

Sarah’s tips for visiting the San Juans, even if you’re not running Hardrock. And what to do when developers want to build on open space.

And on the West Coast, Misery Ridge in Central Oregon looks incredible! How have I never been there before?!?

There’s a new “slam” out there, and Devon’s has started off really well. Curious if she’ll be lining up for the rest.

I dunno, do you really want to find a keg of PBR?

Sunny’s helping out with our kitchen remodel and I pay her in fro-yo and rides to the trailhead. Seems like a good deal for both of us.

The cycling community is 3D printing all sorts of random sh#t for their bikes. What does the MUT community need that can be made like this? I’m thinking clips and attachments for vests, pole holders, etc.

SCMP: Obese and depressed, this 50 year old woman in Hong Kong found the trails and turned her life around. And hey, that doctor sounds awful.

Hooooooly cow, The Canyons 100k has a hefty field of entrants! Check them all out here. (I’m anxious for Treeline Journal to do an analysis as I don’t recognize some of the names up top!)  Sunny and I will be there helping out and watching the race unfold.

Many of you will remember two years ago when SF Bay Area trail runner Lukas Horan went missing and a huge search party was assembled to look for the smart and fit trail runner, only to have his body found in the bay three weeks later. In this moving tribute from his father Chris, he talks about the power of the trail community and how it rallied in a very trying time.

Katie Lyons tore her ACL in March 2020 but due to the Rona couldn’t have surgery until last year. Now she’s better than ever and I have a special eye on her. Full recovery is possible!

Semi-Rad: Some possible substitutes for energy gels. Yep, a nice shot of warm mayo would do wonders for my stomach…ugh.

Have fun at Boston and enjoy your weekend!

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