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I’ve heard roadies complain about it, but its rare to hear ultramarathon and trail running women upset about bathroom issues at races.  Oversimplification?

You hear her on the podcast, now read Sarah’s report from Lake Sonoma.  It’s a good one.

Here’s the entrants list to Mount Marathon. Rickey Gates, Evan Hone, Kilian Jornet, Erik Strabel, Emelie Forsber, and yep, Allie Ostrander.  Numero Uno on my bucket list, I’ll make it there one day.

This guy is running from Florida to Haiti in a giant hamster wheel.  I remember when Dean tried it from Sacramento to San Francisco…did he ever “run” from Catalina to Newport? Anyone?

Advice from an 83 year old runner.

See all of Billy Yang’s Lake Sonoma video in less than two minutes.

Mad that your GPS gizmo doesn’t read exactly like your friends or the RDs? Here’s why.

Price isn’t everything when it comes to running shoes.  Do you have a limit though? What if you try on a shoe and it’s perfect…but it’s $180?  How about $200? What’s your ceiling?

Maine trail runners: Is there a running group that will help make trails on Baker Mountain?

Catching up with one of my favorite people in the sport, Iron Mike Wardian.

Anyone who runs trails at night knows exactly the feeling this guy is writing about.

Though Adam Kimble’s transcon record attempt ended early on, he’s still running.

I’ve got a road 10k on Sunday. 40 minutes of insanity.  Who’s running Boston on Monday?


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