Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Apr 24

Ultramarathoning: A dying sport.  Here’s a great throwback article from 1983 that shows the cyclical nature of our sport.

Two weeks after setting a new CR at Lake Sonoma 50, Alex Varner headed to Boston to run a quick 26.2. Here’s his report.

Speaking of Boston, here’s Desi Linden’t ultimate playlist.

Didya check out the new interview with Ben Gibbard? Yeah he’s a super famous rock star, but he’s also a total ultra geek who can talk for hours about shoes, DNFs, hydration, and puking.

…and here’s Kelsie’s report from the same race I spoke to Ben about. Solid first half, then it all turned into a bloody, boogery mess after that.  Sounds like that aid station volunteer deserves a medal!

Eleven truths about riding bicycles.

This is from a few years ago, but it piqued my interest for some reason (we dealt with it briefly): The life of the infertile runner.

The guys at TAUR try out the new Montrail FluidFlex ST. I’m wearing them too and loving them. Review forthcoming.

Fine, it’s not totally tested science, but this study shows that avocados will help you live a long life. That’s the type of science I like. ¡Viva Guacamole!

More science right here about the sex differences between competitive runners.

Traci Falbo is tough. Here’s her report from the 24 hour Ultramarathon World Champs in Torino and here’s my interview with her from last year.

The Golden Ultra looks like a rad event, and here’s a way to win a free entry.

Good read: The Everest Moral Dilemma.

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