Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Apr 29

Ultramarathon Daily News

How to salvage a bad workout.  Even if it’s just a long run, get it done and take something from it.

What’s your safety in the backcountry worth? Luke reviewed the SPOT Gen3 satellite tracker right here, giving it a thumbs up for safety but thumbs down for FKT tracking.

Hmmm, this race combines a lot of things I like. Trails, timed events, and whoa, it’s in Alaska.

I’m not sure what the punishment should be for someone who defaces our National Parks like this, but it’d be painful and messy.

Here’s a podcast interview with the first blind person to attempt Barkley.

Here are a bunch of pics from each day at the Sri Chimney 6 and 10 day races.

Help me out: I’ll likely be using the Ultimate Direction PB 3.0 pack for Tahoe200 in September, but am stumped on bladders. I want about 100oz (for training weight, mainly, and also for hydration), but haven’t worn a pack in years and am stumped. Hydropak? UD? Osprey? Opinions on bladders?

Read this: Compelling story about a guy who found running after a tough time in life, intertwined with a bonkers race report from Kodiak 100.

Iran “allowing” women to run in ultramarathon with men.  The fact this is news is ridiculous.

I really like the format of the Badwater Salton Sea race. Eighty one miles, but you must be on a team of 2 or 3 and you must stay together the whole time.

If there’s an apocalypse, only trail runners will be left.

Here’s an excellent report and pics from the Mendocino 50k I ran last weekend. I’ll be back next year for sure.

Quickie interview with two filmmakers who just ran their first ultramarathon.

This little LEGO man is seeing some pretty awesome trails.

What are you running this weekend?

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