Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Apr 3

Ultrasportslive.tv is bringing ultramarathon coverage into the 21st century with live tracking of athletes. No more twitter feeds or sketchy information, this looks like the real deal.

Want to be in a Salomon commercial with your trail dog?

What’s your favorite UK mountain route?

Want to know more about my co-host Sarah? Here’s a podcast she did a few weeks ago.

Top men have eating disorders, too.  Stay tuned for a long-form (written) interview with a top female runner who’s struggled with Anorexia since high school.

See those little (+) boxes to the left? You can now comment on each individual link! How’s it working?

The agony of 11th place at Western States.

That’s some beautiful terrain: Snow in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

This guy struggles with whether or not Hokas are “performance enhancing devices.”

When Beat’s race didn’t go as planned, he and Jill adapted to the situation, spent time with friends, ran some more, biked, and had fun. But dang, that looks cold.

…this is much more my type of terrain: Trails and waterfalls in Big Sur. 

Of course the Beer Mile World Record should go to an Aussie kid named Jimbo.  4:56:25!!!

Jason Schlarb, Julien Chorier, and my buddy Bill Clements (he reviewed the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20) run across the big island of Hawaii. Awesome!

This is written for HS cross country athletes, but the mental game of training and racing applies to adult ultramarathon runners just as well.

Good interview with the filmmakers behind Barkley: The race that eats it young.

Dammit, Brooks. If you can spend time making kaleidoscope patterns for shoes, you can fire up a machine and make some more Green Silence.

New podcast with two quick youngsters dropping at 9am PST. Stay tuned!

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