Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Apr 8

Ultramarathon News

What to elite athletes do on a daily basis to make them better?  From 5k to ultramarathon, many share same qualities and routines.

Eric left the Rockies to race Gorge 100k and found it to be a bit too flat. Beautiful and awesome, but flat.

From the New Yorker: Alone in the Alps on some epic trails.

Geez, USATF honcho gets in racially-charged twitter war with two top track stars.  From my perspective, Lauren’s first response nailed it.

Didya catch our latest podcast with Barkley runner Starchy Grant?  He set the record for the longest time spent on one loop, and you’ll  have to listen to hear all the details.

broken arrow ultramarathonEpisode was sponsored by the Broken Arrow Skyrace.  One week before Western States at Squaw Valley: VK, 26k, 52k, beer, movies, music, food. Yes, please.

Bitter thinks he’s had a tough time with workouts, but they pretty good to me. How will he tomorrow at Sonoma?

Magness’ latest post about doing something (cupping, treatments, yelling, screaming) to make ourselves feel good is spot on, and I know I’ve been guilty of it.

Another issue not to bring up at a dinner table full of coaches: Does speed work hurt your endurance?  (For me, only insofar is that’s generally when I get injured…)

For many ultramarathon and trail runners, skimo is closing the winter gap.

The world’s only uphill swimming race is this weekend in Scotland.  While not technically accurate, it still looks nuts in a way that only Redbull events do.

The ultramarathon message: Go for it!

Homer’s message: Never try.

Weather report for Lake Sonoma:  Low 60s and rainy.  No URP Golden Shower this weekend, folks.  I’ll be bouncing around aid stations, not doing anything official.

Is beer going to ruin the sports of ultramarathon and trail running?


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