Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, April 14

If you had plans to run “The Iceland Race” ultramarathon in July, you may want to consider other options.   Seems it’s a scam.

Just stop.  Marathons can be deadly for people not running in them.  

That little voice in your head is a good thing. Zach Miller and Caroline Boller discuss sayings they repeat while pushing their limits. I’ll let you guess which of those two repeats a phrase from Rocky.

China ups the ante and begins using facial recognition to catch marathon cheats.  Still not sure how the cameras see through the smog though.

Awesome!  Six friends get together for an epic run on the AT in the Smoky Mountains.  Add some logos and you’d have yourself a Patagonia ad. Do this next year and I’ll join you guys!

Running Sonoma or Boston this weekend?  Here are ten signs that it’s race week, courtesy of Chris Mocko.  Familiar?

Interesting: Des Linden shares her thoughts on competitiveness.

Cycling dealing with TUE issue, and it’s one that throws a 15mm wrench into the whole #cleansport thing for our sport.  Athlete “A” can be pilloried and banned for testing positive, but athlete “B” gets away with the same drug because a sketchy doctor diagnoses them with a strange disease.  Not fair.

Paralyzed from the waist down, this guy is racing again on two feet.  Seems like such a cool guy…I’d love to see more about him.

Onion: Goose sh#ts all over HS track.

Pro climber writes about struggling with body image and whether she can find a dress to fit her conditioned figure.  Good read.

Ben reviews the Nathan VaporKrar pack.  He likes a whole lot about it, but is concerned with a few major design flaws–one that’s currently being addressed by the company. 

I’m just happy they call it the flow state and not the Csziksentmihaly state.

S-Fuels has sent out thousands of bars to URP listeners and is taking the feedback seriously.  They’ve made some flavor changes and price adjustments and are still looking for more feedback.  (Amidst a week of some pretty crazy corporate PR, it’s nice to see a company actually listen, huh?)

It’s beer, people. Sorry (not sorry) if you’re offended by the labels and names.

Mapping nerds, should we believe this guy’s Strava art? 

Lots of racing this weekend. Have fun everyone!

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