Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Aug 11 | Ultrarunnerpodcast

Can certain workouts be considered cults?

As someone who has still never watched Game of Thrones (gasp!), I really don’t understand organizing an ultramarathon in Italy to watch the series on the back of a huge damn truck.

This baby is about to set an FKT on the Appalachian Trail.

The secret of the beer lies in her vagina.

–I’m sorry, what the hell? The craft beer scene has officially jumped the shark.

Really cool story about the altruism and cultural significance of the Spartathlon. 

Four hundred laps with Cory, pouring, friends, junk food, Biebers, and smiles.

Good stuff: Four ways running helps with anger management.  (And parenting.)

Escape to the incredible single track of Glacier National Park. Wow!

Short news day. Releasing podcast later this morning. Stay tuned!

What are you running this weekend? I’m hoping to get out on some easy trails for 20 miles.

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