Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri Aug 12

Ultrarunning/Stern: What’s up in ultramarathon racing this weekend? I didn’t realize Headlands had a 150 mile option now; Bigfoot 200 kicks off in the PNW; Beast of Burden in NY is the insanely technical trail, right?

AJW: Gunhild Swanson’s 2015 Western States finish was one of the most electrifying finishes in ultramarathon history. I agree. Here’s the epic video.

Inspired by beer would be a more appropriate title, but hey, Guiness certainly played a part in this guy’s run across Ireland. Anyone else surprised to learn that it could be done in less than 24 hours?

Speaking of Western States, there’s now a Golden Ticket race in Thailand–the very first GT race for Asia. My take? I really wish WSER would tack away from partnering closer with UTMB.

This dude is training for his first ultramarathon–Leadville 100–and his head is certainly in the right place. Question though, anyone know what trail he’s on?

These high-res weather forecast models are awesome–especially for mountain events–but the article doesn’t mention the cost of such a service.

Some simple Cliff’s Notes for ultramarathon success.

I asked on Twitter yesterday if there are any races besides Transrockies that require runners to start and finish with a partner. Looks like there are plenty in Europe (I’d forgotten I’d been at one at UT Andorra), but very few domestically. They seem fascinating to me, but perhaps there’s not an interest stateside? Seems like it’d be an easy category for an RD to add as well, right?

Short news day, sorry. I’ll try to post next week during our final vacation of the summer–Vegas, baby!

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