Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Aug 18

JamJam’s latest Mountain Outhouse is chock full of ultramarathon media goodness. Great episode!

Three excellent pieces of advice given to Courtney Frerichs before her silver in London. I’ve found my new mantra: Give yourself a chance.

There are a few trail races going on this weekend in Colorado. Dispensary sales spike?

Did you catch our latest interview with Yitka Winn? We talk about her recent win at Fat Dog 120, professional writing, smart pacing, adventure runs, and she shows off her greatest talent: The Backwards Alphabet.

A ubiquitous site at many mountain ultra marathons are HAM radio operators. Learn more about what they do for our community right here….and thank them at every opportunity.

Sarah reflects on the history of climbing around Telluride and her own experiences this summer climbing 14ers and running in the mountains.

Alright, so maybe a crude comparison, but our sport really does share a lot of similarities with this one. Completely unconventional, copious vomiting, an incredible will to continue in the face of despair, participants of all shapes and sizes, and minimal prizes for a job well done.

OCR: If you’re going to hire a contractor to build a structure that’ll be climbed by 6500 participants in a race, better make sure he’s licensed.

Good recap of Bigfoot 200. And I’ll echo the author’s opinion: Candice is one hell of an RD who gets it right.

Skurka takes down one of Anton’s FKTs from the Continental Divide.

Great preview of the new Gary Robbins/Barkley movie: Where Dreams Go To Die. And don’t worry…he’s going back.

Remember Rio Olympics last summer when the two female runners got tangled up, fell, helped reach other up, and finished? Where are they now?

Science: Ibuprofen causes kidney damage in ultramarathon and endurance athletes. Left out of the article: Dosage during test.

Some pretty good backcountry tips for keeping your hygiene in check. Home made bidet? Check.

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