Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Aug 20

Trailrunner/Metzler: Five things to know about this weekend’s Leadville 100. Oh, live tracking, don’t fail us!

iRunFar/Miller: I love this post. Zach Miller is one of the most competitive and fun MUT runners to watch (this was only five years ago?!? Whaaa?), but last weekend he took 12th place at the Mountain Running Championships. In this piece, he shares his perspective about why he gives each race his very best effort.

When we finish our race, and bring a chair to sit and watch those behind us finish, cheering them on and sharing in their joy. It’s how we open out hearts and minds with a new runner during a long training run. It’s when we volunteer to crew for a friend, sleeping in cars, worrying about their health, washing their blistered feet and providing endless encouragement. And then they do the same for you.

ITRA (turns out it’s pronounced with a long e) releases its State of the Sport report with info, analysis, demographics, and a look to the future.

Matt from OCR Media competes in an “Ode to Laz” Backyard ultra and holy hell that looks like a fun event!

Dipsea registration opens at 4pm PST today.

Gladwell: Why do some small countries over-represent in certain Olympic sports…or chemistry?

Has anyone tried this new trail shoe from Canada that’s a collaboration between Norda and Ciele?

Speaking of Canada, I’ll admit to never even hearing of the remote and beautiful 1,000km Great Divide Trail before I read this article. Turns out an Aussie just set the new FKT. Gary Robbins, you next?


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