Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Aug 21

Gediminis’ tips at running UTMB. Number one: Go Schwarzenegger.

When some old school Kiwi ultra runners devise a trail ultramarathon over beer and pizza and determine it’s best for the “lunatic fringe” of our sport, take note. The times don’t seem too rough though…anyone run it? What makes it such a challenge?

Your dream job may have just opened up. Though many of these posts from Outside seem like blatant PR placements, I actually know someone who’s gone on some incredible gear testing adventures with Columbia.

Doc Horton‘s sage advice on how to run your first ultra, circa 1993.

Want to know more about SkyRunning? Ryan Ghelfi and Michael Owen dig into it here. Sarah and I chatted with Ian about the who’s, what’s, and where’s of SkyRunning last year.

USA Triathlon’s number one reason to start trail running: You’ll have a nice body. I must be doing it wrong.

Who got to see “This is Your Day” with Rob Krar in Flagstaff last night? How was it? Looks like it’ll be at the Sports Basement in SF on Sep 17.

NUC, but this Purple Heart recipient got up to pee at 4am and was charged by a black bear on his porch. He hit it with a flower pot, got into a fistfight with it, was mauled, eventually saved by his Yorkie, hid in his house with a Samurai sword, then drove himself to the hospital. Ta-da!

Road trainers that double as racers.  When running MUT events do you wear racing flats? Depends on the distance?

Waldo, Leadville, Habanero Hundred, etc are tomorrow, but so is the Beer Mile World Classic! You know where I’ll be.

Speaking of Leadville, Lifetime Fitness is planning a national series of races that will qualify runners for their big event.  Check out this article in RW.

Timmy Parr’s Pike’s Peak Ascent/Marathon double race report. Ouch.

Meet female Speedgoat champ Hillary “HillyGoat” Allen.

What are you running/racing this weekend?


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