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BBC: How in the world have I never heard this story?!? Banned by British athletic officials in the 50s because he earned a couple of bucks as an amateur boxer, John “The Ghost Runner” Tarrant, made a habit of running races as a bandit and set plenty of ultramarathon records along the way. Sounds like it’d make a great documentary or movie!

Watch Esther Chesang (Kenya) finish the final few minutes of her win at Sierre-Zinal.
Who’ll be the first American RD to figure out a way to pay for some East Africans to compete in NA trail races? I know, I know, it’s a tired discussion, but imagine the interest (and eyes! and ohmygod the clicks!) if a couple Kenyans showed up at one of our prestige races.  I recall a few years ago there was a group (maybe led by Adharanand Finn?) who planned to have some 2:1x Kenyans run Lake Sonoma, but I don’t believe it ever materialized.

IAU 100K World Championship preview. Looks like the Japanese may sweep the men’s podium and possible have a female champion.

Every time I read a preview, I yearn for the days when  Karl Meltzer would post his odds (and often heterodox comments) for various races. Bring em back Karl!

“The requirements to be an elite or a professional now inherently are creating division [in the sport], and it’s like a struggle for a very limited resource. You’re not just like, ‘Hey, let’s show up and see who can run faster’; you’re like, ‘Who has more followers? Who’s getting paid more? Is that fair and is it based on anything I’m doing, and am I in control of any of these things?’ …. I think back to when I was sponsored and making the most money, and it was a struggle for me constantly with my running, because I felt I no longer had ownership over it; it was the whims of some marketing team. I literally had sponsors ask me to race while injured because they’re paying me and therefore I should be out there doing stuff. If that’s happening to me, that’s happening to any number of people.”

–Sarah Lavender Smith delivers an excellent interview with one of my favorite endurance athletes, Devon Yanko. Devon has never been afraid to share her opinions and that’s one of the things–along with her athletic accomplishments, baked goods, hair, and overall personality) that I respect most about her. And remember to subscribe to her substance right here.

New film: Ryan Sandes’ Ode to Failure.

Here’s the UTMB live page.

How to train for UTMB when you live in Chicago? Welp, there’s always parking garages and staircases.

Ultrarunning Mag: What happens to a woman’s body during menopause, from an ultramarathon runners’ perspective.

Short news day, sorry. Off to paddle and run around Lake Natoma.


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