Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Aug 28

Here’s a really good short film about Stephanie Howe that shows her struggle with being a perfectionist and where she finds solace.

What every runner should know about iron deficiency.  Sarah and I chatted at length about this yesterday (as well as my medical issue) and I’ll be releasing the episode today.

Matt Flaherty tells a great story about traveling to Sweden with Max King and running a race with Jonas Buud (who finished 56 miles of technical trail in an astonishing 5:45!)

Speaking of Scandinavia, here’s the “Backwoods Hillbillies Beer Mile” in Finland. More spandex than domestic beer miles, but not too bad…

Anton’s doing triathlons now.  No, not like that.  Anyone familiar with the route help me out? That picture of “Broadway” is a trail, or is that a ledge?

Christof Teuscher is taking off tomorrow on a unsupported solo speed record attempt of the 800 mile Oregon Desert Trail.  I wasn’t familiar with the route, but here’s some info.  Check out this video…he’s buried caches of gear and water all over the desert, and check out this video of the gear he’s taking with him. I’ll be tracking him live here. Wow, what an undertaking! Good luck Christof!

But is FKT popularity a risk to trail running?

Little race called UTMB starts this evening. Follow IRF’s coverage right over here.  This’ll be Sage’s first 100 and he recorded a vlog about his pre-race thoughts here.

For those who are into watching this sort of thing, the mules have crossed the bridge! The mules have crossed the bridge!

Usain Bolt collides with cameraman on a Segway.

Pretty funny convo about track, steroids, and the beer mile. Only issue I’ll raise is that Gladwell contends the 10k is the hardest event on the track. I’d say it’s the Steeplechase. Thoughts?

Eight types of summer runners you always see.  And I wrote this a few years ago about Fifteen types of trail runners I regularly see. (Remember it was a few years ago!)

I’m receiving some mail about people having a hard time finding URP on iTunes. Are you? Here it is.

Recording interview today with Kami Semick about the new USATF Ultra Team Invitational.  Stay tuned.

US 50k champs are tomorrow in the Headlands. Here’s a quick preview of Ben Stern, a blogless, unsponsored dude who works on an organic farm and who very well may run away with the thing.

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