Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Aug 30

I get asked frequently who my favorite guests have been and it’s always tough to answer, but Ruperto Romero is always on that list. Here’s his story in the latest Ultrarunning Magazine and here’s our interview with him. Old school. Humble. Great life story.

Track: This is why the 800 is such an exciting race to watch: Anything can happen in the last 100 meters! Wow! Donovan Brazier for a new PR! (Action starts at 3:15)

Doping: A Spanish age group Ironman athlete is busted for doping, after he was tested in competition based on intelligence provided by another athlete. While I think we all agree that in-comp testing is good, do we want it dependent on athletes ratting each other out? I don’t know. Thoughts?

And more doping claims against Kenyan runners.

SCMP: How Nikki Kimball is helping other ultrarunners battle depression.

Flint Michigan is famous for its water crisis. Now it’s also infamous for giant potholes on marathon routes. Here’s Chris Derrick’s IG page with injury and story.

Semi-Rad: The “how far is it” question also applies to hikers asking runners the same question. How in the world am I supposed to answer that? Similar to my kids asking me “is it spicy?”

Cole Watson works hard for a top ten at OCC and nails it. Nice work!

How well do you know your tattoos? URP photographer Stephanie was at Western States in June snapping pics of tattoos and I’ll be posting a contest soon asking you to match them to runners.

VICE: When vegan social media influencers (there’s a phrase that would’ve made no sense 50 years ago) stop being vegan, the backlash is similar to a religious apostasy.

TrailRunner/Roche: How to get faster.

More UTMB from iRunFar: Men’s Preview (this field is a “joke”, according to Lets Run)| Women’s Preview

Crewing: Pukie and Ian give the nitty gritty on what it takes to be a good crew member.

AJW: Being a bit obsessive about training can yield positive results.

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