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TrailSisters: Running a hundred miler ruined running for me, and that’s OK. Good post.
Here’s my take: Much like people who build up a major life event–usually something like a wedding as the pinnacle and most important event that will define your very being–living life after that can seem very…less important and unexciting. There’s data that backs this up…the number of runners who complete a hundred miler–then no more–is quite high.

Gadgets: Interesting conclusions pulled from a year’s worth of STRAVA data.

Speaking of Strava, this guy spent nine hours creating a reindeer out of his route in London.

Kevin Beck: I need to go back and read this a few times, but Kevin has some strong words for the prevalence of eating disorders and how some people’s–specifically Lauren Fleshman’s– views have changed drastically over the years. Compelling read, I just need to fully digest it.

200 Milers: I hope you had a chance to read Peter’s thorough report on this first 200 miler. He includes his training, mistakes, successes, race execution, and recovery regimen. If you’ve got even a modicum of interest in that distance, bookmark Pater’s post.

Ellis, originally from Australia, claims he knows no other way, because of his lack of “talent” and speed. “So I have to make up for that by trying to be a bit smarter, especially around things like pacing, but also really just digging deep, going as deep as I can go and then getting the shovel out and going some more,” he said.

John Ellis digs deep to win the Asian Trail Master title after being forced to race on two consecutive weekends.

Meanwhile domestic helper Fredelyn Alberto inspires others to find time on the trails. Sounds like a neat person.

ultramstats: 2020 entrants for Western States by demographics and geography, in graph form. Wanna guess the average age of a male entrant? And what percentage of entrants have completed a previous WSER?

All right, geography nerds: What’s the longest walkable distance/route on earth? Hint, it’s just over 14k miles long and has no apparent FKT, likely due to the route crossing some of the sketchiest places on the planet.

I’m having my deviated septum repaired on Monday, so not sure about Daily News on Tuesday. An ENT told me a decade ago that I needed it fixed, but me being me, I pushed it off. Turns out both sides are blocked 80% and my surgeon laughed when he said “yeah, it might be easier for you to breather on your runs now!” I know it’s a frequent operation…any advice?

Joe Uhan: Joe dives deeper into his explanation and reasoning of why the Western States lottery needs to change. Yep, got it. I agree. Of course this all seems like a bunch of whining, but I, like Joe, don’t want the frustration and alienation to topple the race from its place on the MUT scene and the current collision course with math is looking perilous. But come on Joe, let’s see your ideas!

This week in science: Changing your foot strike won’t prevent injuries or make you faster.

NYT: But does the shoe really give “an edge” if everyone’s wearing it?

Happy Friday everyone.

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