Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Dec 18

Eight incredible bike rides (or runs!) for Star Wars fans.

…and Star Wars running gear, of course.

I’m not a Star Wars fan though, so I’ll be over here watching the incredible footage of the women’s race from the 2015 Mount Marathon. 

Here’s my modest proposal for a first step in navigating the PED issue. It’s easy, free, and I hope reasonable.

And if the RDs need any help policing the registrant list, there’s always the vigilante world of LetsRun.

Friday funny: ESPN to feature ultramarathons 24/7.

Here’s a short and sweet piece about reconnecting with your roots on the trails. 

Interview with Elisa Desco. 

In this WSJ piece about gratitude during the holidays, there’s still some room for running parallels.  How much better do you feel when you run into an aid station and give true thanks to the volunteers. There’s no doubt it lifts my spirit to be thankful for the volunteers. You?

Inside the mind of a 24 hour track runner.

Speaking of track ultras, here’s a video recapping last year’s Desert Solstice that does a good job of showing the progress (certainly the wrong word!) of the runners throughout the day and night. Recall, Katalin Nagy destroyed the women’s WR by crossing the distance with 2 hours to spare.  Can she do it again?

Short news day today. What did I miss?

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