Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Dec 2

Aside from CIM (below) and the lotteries, what’s on the trail and ultramarathon calendar for this weekend?

California International Marathon is on Sunday and the weather is looking cold and wet. If you can tolerate the weather, it’ll be a great race with plenty of MUT runners plodding along the pavement for 26.2 miles. If you’re running, I’ll be just past the 20 mile-ish bridge on the right hand side screaming my head off.

What was Anton’s week like…nine years ago?

More on winter and cold running here from one of my new favorite sites, SunDrunkRuns.

This article is about a hostel and human waste, but it really makes me want to run around Mt Kazbek in (the country of) Georgia. Beautiful!

I remember interviewing Travis Macy eight years ago and talking briefly about the struggles his dad–an accomplished adventurer– was having with Alzheimer’s and it really affecting me. Here’s an update on the father/son team and I’d urge you to read it and understand early signs and diagnoses.

Friday Funny: Runner identifies as winner, awarded prize money in Colorado.

Western States updates its trans/NB policy.  So when WS modifies the lottery to make male/famale starters more equitable, how will this new NB policy affect that?

Speaking of NBs, I’d urge everyone to watch this interview between media dude/podcaster Derrick Lytle and Jake Federowski, a co-author of the “An Open Letter to the MUT Community from NB Athletes.” Just two guys presenting their cases in a good, respectful conversation without any name calling. Please, watch this video (wish it were on a pod!) and let me know what you think.

And the last bit of NB news today, David Roche and Riley Brady write a post about inclusion for Trailrunner Magazine.  One last bit…here’s a post in iRunFar about Ryan Montgomery’s LGBT running group and program Out Trails.

Sara Alonso is a beast on the technical downhills in Madeira.

Interesting: The 1924 Olympic Cross Country course in Colombes, France looked more like a trail race than a modern-day cross country course.

Run Spirited: Really cool story about Garrett Corcoran, the winner of JFK and his incredible life (and break from) competitive running.

Ultrarunning Magazine: Drew Dinah writes about the positive side of waiting…and waiting…and waiting to hear his name called for this WS entry.

Overall, is Twitter good for the running world? 

Have a great weekend everyone.


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