Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Dec 3

ultrarunning Mag/Stern: What’s up in ultramarathons this weekend? Races, lotteries, and more! (I’ll be out at the 22 mile mark of CIM cheering everyone on. From the elites to one of my 5th grade students, this should be a great day with perfect weather.)

More on the xTerra Trail Running World Championships taking place this weekend in Hawaii. The US will be led by Joe Gray and Grayson Murphy. Gray gray gray.

Turkey Trot in AZ DQ’s top female because she was “too fast.” Yep, that’s BS.

SCMP: Really cool new app/tech just launched in Hong Kong that could revolutionize how we “watch” trail racing. Doesn’t seem much different than a traditional “chip” sensor, except that there’s no need for a chip–it uses an app. But also this: “If the phone loses signal, the tracker works offline and updates retrospectively when it has signal so the leader board is still correct for each marker.” For anyone who’s been frustrated with missed checkpoints, this is really cool.

Kevin Beck offers his commentary on the Hardrock lottery, transgendered runners, Twitter tropes and dialogue, and specifically, my comment in Wednesday’s Daily News.

Semi-Rad: Brendan compiles a list of helpful and humorous mantras for runners. My favorites: 6, 17, 29 and 36.  And a quick plug….I’ve hit the Semi-Rad shop many times for holiday and birthday gifts and will again this year. Great stuff for the runner in your life who’s got a sense of humor.

Speaking of gifts, there’s a Comrades version of Monopoly now. (Limited number available, better order quick!) Pretty cool if other big races had their own too.

Apparently now it’s just HOKA. No more One One.

Speaking of HOKA, sponsored athlete Sika Henry–the first Black female professional triathlete in the US--just finished her first ultramarathon at JFK last weekend. Nice! There’s a paywalled article here that I haven’t read.

Throwback to the time I interviewed ultramarathon gal and BDSM Dominatrix Ms. Monday Jones.  Definitely one of the more interesting talks I’ve had over the last decade.

If you subscribe to Trailrunner Mag (I don’t), there’s an article about Stevie Kremer’s return to the sport. I’d wondered what happened to her…Stevie was a beast on the vert and somehow I missed the fact she won Pike’s Peak Marathon this year.

Vine: How the supply chain debacle is affecting the craft beer scene.

If you’re in one or both of the lotteries this weekend, good luck and may the ultra gods be with you.

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