Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Dec 6

ORM: Spartan buys up popular MTB event in Costa Rica. Is this a harbinger of things to come for the ultra trail world?

Happy Wear Your Buckle To Work Day! A recent study showed that posting to social media with #wearyourbuckletowork increased your odds by 40 percent. Get on it and good luck this weekend!

TrailSisters: Seven reasons why working with coaches isn’t just for elites. Always glad to look at the results from the WSER questionnaire…about 1/4 of those finishing sub 24 had a coach, while nearly 50% of DNF runners did. Not sure what that data means but open to discussion.

Site sponsor: XO Skin has just launched a new style of shorts/tights called the Mid Compression Low-Rise Black Ops series. They’ve taken the Mid Compression line of shorts and tights, changed the waistband and the order of yarns that creates a “true black” appearance, and come up with something that’ll reduce chafing, stank and hold their shape. Check out the discount codes listed at the bottom of this interview for all the good holiday deals.

USATF Drama: Arbitrators reinstate Vin Lananna as USATF Prez after he was booted out a few years ago. I haven’t followed this closely enough to have strong opinions, but am anxious to read Mario’s analysis next week.

Forbes: People are still losing their minds over the Peloton ad. This post in Forbes does a good job of showing a–at least in my opinion–more reasonable breakdown of the messaging that considers mental health and other reasons we should stop projecting our our insecurities onto a dang commercial.

No ultra content whatsoever, but instead a guide to self-discipline for freelancers and creators.

Short news day…what’d I miss? Have a great weekend everyone. Run well and good luck in the lotteries!

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