Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Dec 9

Ultramarathon Daily News

Whenever John Trent writes about trail or ultramarathon running, I read it. When it’s about Amy Palmiero Winters and Dave Mackey, I go back to it a few times. Great stuff.

The Hardrock saga continues.  Here’s David Roche’s explanation of the whole thing with fairly easy to understand language.  Looks like I have to start policing the comment section from the original post. Keep it civil folks.

This looks like fun:  Annual Strava insights from different cities around the world.  Average runs, average vert, time, etc. Are you above or below the norm?

Check this out: Original URP host Scotty Sandow has a new podcast about life in Placer County.  Here’s the first episode about a hiker who got lost in the Sierra Nevadas (near Donner Pass of all places), how he survived with his dog, and how he was eventually rescued. Anxious to hear more!

URP Daily News from two years ago: Another weird legal issue, TNF recap, beer, team scoring, and more.

I’ve been pouring over my ballot for the UROY, POY, and age group POY for a week now. Ack! So much information, and comparing apples to churros to spareribs is not easy!  AJW has some additional criteria to help narrow the field a bit.  I’ll likely publish my ballot in the next few days….Please don’t threaten to “unfriend” me if I don’t vote according to your ideals…

Speaking of voting, here’s how the Aussies voted for Ultramarathon Runners of the Year.

And finally…I’ll open up a category for discussion. TIME Magazine releases their “Person of the Year” each year, with the recent award going to Donald Trump. Sometimes it’s a scientist, politician, or humanitarian. Sometimes it’s a despot or warlord.  The person is named because of the impact (good or evil) they’ve had on the world for the year.  Who would win that award for the ultramarathon and trail scene? The person doesn’t have to have won a race…just had a big impact.

Ras and Kathy have had a rough few months on the trails (and in life…geez) but are on the road to recovery.

Thought that went through my head on this morning’s run: Has anyone ever used uber or lyft for a point to point drop off?  Is everyone already doing this and I just missed it somehow?

Why do we do what we do? Dylan Bowman questions his sanity and career path and concludes he’s doing the right thing. 

And in a similar vein, these Nepalese teenagers are taking a less-than-traditional route to life, bucking trends and family desires, and running trails because it’s what they love to do.

Where to poop in the woods with the best view.

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